The Drifters

Review from The Weekend Reader, Mallorca Spain!
I’ve decided to do a monthly ‘Special Events’ column because it’s always nice to know where to take visiting guests – and I started with ‘a cracker’. The auditorium of Son Amar (on the Soller road)looked magnificent, it’s pink table cloths and beautifully laid table-cloths gave no hint of the spectacular that awaited us. The stage looked huge. From the smokey white lights came the stars of the show, The Drifters- Ravan Tim, Byron and Billy. “Saturday night at the movies, Under the Boardwalk, Save the last dance, all came in quick succession. And the crowed came to its feet clapping and stomping. Tim’s version of “At this moment had the crowd hussedas he held on the the John Bobbit couldn’t reach. Then came the well-known song Volare, song by Byron Williams Jr, followed soon after with O Solo Mio- sung by Ravan. And the ever-soulful E. Billy Thompson
got stuck in with “Stand by me”. And suddenly I realized why I had stopped buying so many records recently – neither words, music nor artists could truly match up to This kind of sound. M I could have listened all night. It was then Byron’s turn to shine with “Kissing in the back row of the Movies” and shine he did. The crowd going mad for more, and they got it!Someone in the audience lit up a sparler thet had lain on the table, then another and another, and Ravan 2000 plus people lit the auditorium Ravan did a wonderful version of “Unchained Melody.” It was a sight and sound to behold. The Drifters finished the show with a Bang! With a soulful medley of “Hold on, Knock on wood,Dock of the Bay, Soul Man and Higher and Higher. Saw each member of the band featured again. And all to soon, for the crowd who yelled for “more”. They took their bowsand left the stage.